Tours for motorcycling in the Austrian Alps

The top location of the Hotel Anja in the middle of the Austrian Alps, is promising adventure and a variety for all motorcyclers!



Großglockner High Alpine Road
Motorcycle tour at the Großglockner © Shutterstock

The most famous alpine road leads you into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park, to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner with an altitude of 3798 metres and its glacier, the Pasterze. You will have a driving and nature experience of a special kind on 48 kilometres of high alpine road with 36 bends, and an altitude ascent to 2,504 metres!


Nockberge © Shutterstock

The ride or drive in the Nockbergs is a lasting experience for every nature lover. The almost 35 kilometre Nockalm Road offers a delightful landscape. The Nockalm Road in Carinthia is one: between the two ticket offices - to the south several kilometres outside of the community of Ebene Reichenau, to the north right on the fringe of Innerkrems - there is nothing other than bends and nature. And several places to stop in rustic houses and huts in which authentic Carinthian fare comes to the table. It provides a living space for humans, flora and fauna.  Its huge stars in the world of the plants and animals – and its small ones.

Wiestal Country road
Wiestal Road © Shutterstock

Between Hallein and the Nesslgraben ( in between Koppl and Hof / Salzburg ) crossing the Wiestalstausee and Ebenau with a constant rise until the branch into the Wolfgangsee street (B 158) you will find this beautiful road. Shortly before reaching you can branch off to the Salzburg circle. The circle is famous in Austria as well as abroad and popular for motorcyclers.

Ausseerland – Salzkammergut
Excursion with the bike to the Salzkammergut © Shutterstock

A drive from Kleinarl to Ebend and furthermore to the street B99 in direction Annaberg – St. Martin and then to then B 166 direction Niedernfritz – St.Martin crossing Pass Gschütt and Gosau to Stambach and on the B 145 direction Salzkammergut until Bad Aussee. Here you will find more lovely panorama streets.

Turracher Höhe
Turracher Hight © Shuterstock

The ''Turracher Hight'' is located in the ''Nockberge'' the western part of the Gurkaler alps.  The Turracher hight and the Turracher lake are splitted of the boarder between Styria and Carinthia.

Sölkpass © Shutterstock

The ''Sölkpass'' is a mountain pass above the Low Tauern in Styra ( Austria). It is located between the Wölzer- and Schladminger Tauern and connects through a panoramic street, also named Erzherzog-Johann-Straße, the Murtal with the Ennstal. Other close villages in the Murtal are Schöder, Murau and Oberwölz, in the Ennstal Gröbming. The mountain hight of the Sölkpass is 1788 m.

Hochkönig Straße © Shutterstock

The Hochkönig Straße (B 164) – is a country road in Austria. With a length of 75 km is it the second most important connection between west and east. You will cross the Hochkönig towards the Dientener mountains and furthermore through the valles of the Saalach to Saalfelden on the Steinernen Meer.